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Let's Talk: AFRO HAIR

This is the opportunity to have an online 1-2-1 open session with Tifanny Pierre.

These sessions can cover;


  • Have you got questions that you wanted to ask, but are not sure if it is OK to?

  • Have you experienced an incident in the workplace that has left you feeling less confident, and you would like to know how it could of been dealt with better.

  • Are you unsure of what the politically correct terms are?

  • Have you done a course and would like some reassurance in what you have learnt?

These are just a few questions that can be answered.  Book your session now, you will feel more confident and reassured at the end of the session.

Up to 1 Hour -  £50

Up to one hour is great for questions and some general advice and tips.


1 - 2 Hours - £75

Do you have questions and scenarios that you would like to be addressed? This session may be for you.


3 hours - £100

This duration is great for someone that is looking to gain reassurance in a technique that they might have recently learnt, or would like to have a refresher over certain areas that they do not feel confident in.


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